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You should never under any circumstance leave a burning candle unattended. The potential hazards for burning your house and losing your dearest possessions are very real. Do not leave a container/jar candle unattended. They may give you some protection, but the bottom of the jar could reach temperatures that would ignite the surface of where it is placed, or the flame itself could reach further than you think. A child or pet could easily knock it over. After trimming the wick, make every effort to remove the spent wick. Do not allow a build up of spent wick or any other debris in the wax pool. This may cause a flare up that may lead to a fire. Candles are safe but they require respect when burning.

Why Candle Creations by Melinda?


We guarantee that you will not find a better candle on the market today. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the candle for a complete refund including shipment. If the candle is damaged in shipment, it should not be burned for safety reasons, and we will not replace a damaged candle that has been burned. There are few inside secrets that make our candles the best, but it all starts with wax, wicks, and fragrance. We purchase fragrance directly from the highest quality perfumers in the business, and we cut no corners.

Soy vs. Paraffin

I give my opinion on this subject only because of the numerous questions I receive. I produce candles made from either base type of wax. My use of what type is based on the candle I am pouring. Many pillar candles sold as soy have a paraffin blend or some other additive. Be careful, many manufacturers and retailers are playing with those who want to be environmentally friendly just to make a sale. We offer soy candles because of the unique characteristics the wax has in containers. We are in business to make a living, but we want your business now and also when you learn the hype is no more than a sales pitch. It is true that soy wax is a renewable resource produced in America. (North and South America) How much diesel fuel do you think it took to prepare the land, plant, spray, harvest, haul from the field, and then haul to the processing plant? There is also the problem of commercial fertilizers being used and the chemicals to kill weeds and insects. Paraffin wax is no more than a by product of the petroleum industry. They do not drill oil to produce by products. If there was never another paraffin wax candle poured, the amount of oil consumed would remain the same, and the by products would find another home. We would just prepare, plant, spray, harvest, and haul more soybeans. Which choice seems to be the most environmentally friendly now? As to the soot claims, soy wax does produce less soot, but you will find quality candles with the correct wick, fragrance, and paraffin wax blend produce small amounts of soot also. Keeping the wick trimmed to about one quarter of an inch will help reduce soot from the poorest quality candles on the market. My husband and his father are farmers, so please do not take my opinion as a hit on farming. I think it is great to help the farmers of our country, but I will not mislead customers to make sales.

Wick Types

It has been unlawful for some time to make wicks with lead cores. Most candles have either a zinc or tin core wrapped in cotton or just a cotton wick. Zinc and tin cores will stand up for more uniform burning. A cotton wick needs more attention when burning to keep uniformity. Remember most of you are taking a zinc supplement, or it is in your multivitamin. We use zinc core wicks.

First Time Burning


Many people have bought a pillar candle and been displeased with the way it burned. If the candle just burns a small hole straight through, you most likely did not season the candle. Pillar candles have to be properly seasoned the first time they are burned. You should allow the wax pool to almost reach the edge of the candle. If you do not allow the wax pool to reach the desired size, it will burn to the size you allowed the first time every time thereafter. The first time burning is called seasoning the candle. Make sure you have the time to properly season the candle. This will take several hours. The larger the diameter, the longer this process will take. This tip should work for all pillar candles. If this does not help, you may be burning a poor quality candle.